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Permitting ordinary people to reach extraordinary results

Coaching is above all a partnership between the coach and his/her client.

As coaches, we ask you to think and be creative with the objective of maximizing your potential, motivation and resources.

We take into account the differences, strengths, and weaknesses of each individual to initiate change.

The quality of the client-coaching relationship is essential to success.  We will accompany you !

On one side, there is you, the client.  You are the master of your destiny, that is to say that we focus on your objectives, your project, the subjects that you would like to cover, the choices and the questions that you ask.

On the other side there is your coach.  The coach is the master of the process, that is to say the structure of your learning journey.

We will help you to learn English without stress and to move towards your goals, without deciding at your place.  We are only there to guide !

Emmanuel Loth, language coach 38 Isère
We reinforce your self-confidence, boost your memory, help you to get your projects started, and work on other soft skills and transversal skills to improve your personal and professinoal life.

We Colloborate With :

  • employees of large and small companies
  • athletes and professionals in the sports arena(cycling, triathlon, climbing, skiing,  basketball, ice hockey, badminton, tennis)
  • tourism specialists (hotels, camp grounds, cultural and historic tourist attractions, B&B’s…)
  • individual (retirees, globetrotters…)
  • ex-pat candidates and their families
  • foreigners employed in France and their families

Our qualifications

EMMANUEL – The French Guy

  • Bachelors in English Langue-Littérature et Civilisations Etrangères (Université Grenoble Alpes)
  • Master French as a Foreign Language (Université Grenoble Alpes)
  • Certified «Neurolanguage Coaching »® (Efficient Language Coaching certification reconnue par ICF International Coaching Federation)
  • Professional degree in Tourism Management (Chambre de Commerce International de Grenoble).

I »ve had the opportunity to work with high level managers in international companies such as : Hewlett Packard, Caterpillar, Accor, Sony, Eurotunnel, ST Microelectronics, Siemens, Thales…

I have helped numerous expatriate families from all over the world with their cultural and language integration in France.

I have assisted hundreds of athletes to learn to communicate more effectively in English and in French in order to travel and share their passions with confidence.

I have participated in multiple touristic and sports development projects.

My clients tell me that my passion and my « positive attitude » are catching, and that I know how to keep them motivated.

They appreciate my approache and my methods because they reveal my clients’ potential by taking into account their individual strengths and weaknesses without judgement.

ANNA – L’Américaine

  • Bachelor in Chemical Engineering Minor in Biosciences (North Carolina State University)
  • Master in Engineering Management (Univerity of Texas at Austin)
  • Certified «Neurolanguage Coaching »® (Efficient Language Coaching certification recognized by the ICF International Coaching Federation)

I »ve worked in several high-tech international companies, as well as a high-tech start-up as an engineer, project team lead, and as a manager.  These companies include Motorola / Freescale, STMicroelectronics, Aledia

I bring to the table more than 25 years of professional experience working in both start-up and large high-tech companies in France (16 years) and the USA (11 years).  I have a strong background of working in and with international teams as an engineer and as a manager.

I am passionate about personal development and believe that one never stops learning, and that continuous curiosity and growth are the things that bring the feeling of fulfillment to our lives.

I love to share the best of the American culture, as well as share my perspective as an American living abroad.  I value regional and local culture, foods, and history.  I believe it is our diversity and our openness to understand and respect each other’s differences that makes this world beautiful.


years of experience in language teaching and coaching, as well as intercultural training in France and England with a strong understanding of the North American culture.

35 000 +

hours of training & coaching


years of intensely rich and varied multicultural experiences.

Our story


Hailing from the northern part of France, I was born in Le Touquet, a beloved seaside resort often frequented by the English. A fortunate omen for my future career!

Living a stone’s throw away from England, it was my playground throughout my entire childhood and adolescence.

I pursued part of my studies in Nottingham in the North of England, and it was in London that I eventually landed my first job!

At the age of 22, I decided to fulfill my childhood dream: « living in the mountains in the Alps. »

So, it was at the University of Grenoble Alpes that I earned my degrees in languages, specializing in English and French as a foreign language.

A few years later, my proficiency in English deepened, thanks to my marriage to a delightful American named Anna.

Throughout my life, I have lived at the intersection of Franco-Anglophone cultures. There is truly no coincidence in life!

Teaching as a professor, a path that seemed to beckon me at the end of my studies, never tempted me. In fact, I don’t see myself as a teacher or professor.

A coach doesn’t teach; a coach listens, collaborates, guides, and shares tools so that the other person finds their own path to success.


I spent my early years literally surrounded by wheat fields in the heart of the USA. As a teenager, my family began a gradual move eastward, and we eventually settled in North Carolina, where I attended high school and earned my engineering degree.

Growing up, I nurtured a natural curiosity and a love for exploring diverse cultures through a wonderfully eclectic group of friends. It’s amusing to think that, in our high school International Club, I was the sole American who had never stepped foot outside of the USA!

Back then, taking French in high school seemed more like a whimsical choice than a necessity in my life. Little did I know how profoundly it would shape my journey.

Life presented its challenges, and I eagerly embraced them.  I ventured into a field I had never formally studied, worked weekend shifts to delve into research and development without the expected PhD, pursued a Master’s degree simultaneously, and, when the chance to work abroad in France arose, I seized the opportunity without hesitation.

France captured my heart, as did a charming Frenchman named Emmanuel.

Over 25 years, I navigated diverse transversal roles in high-tech international companies, relishing the multitude of challenges—technical, cultural, and linguistic.

In 2022, Emmanuel and I decided to live our dream of independence, prompting me to bid farewell to my fast-paced, high-pressure job.


After years of searching for the ideal place to materialize our dream of welcoming people to disconnect, relax, and take a step back from their bustling lives, we discovered our sanctuary—a charming bed and breakfast near Cahors, in the picturesque southwest of France. It’s the perfect setting to welcome our language learners for a truly unique language immersion experience.

For over 25 years, Emmanuel has fostered an insatiable passion for language coaching and intercultural guidance. He has collaborated with corporate executives, expatriates from around the globe, their families, as well as individuals in the tourism and sports sectors. In 2023, Anna joined this journey as a language coach, uniting our strengths in our entrepreneural training venture.

We enthusiastically share our dedication to coaching, neurosciences, and personal development. After over 6 years of successfully implementing the Neurolanguage Coaching® method, we are wholeheartedly convinced of its relevance and effectiveness for language learning!

We take pride in being part of a global network of over 1000 Neurolanguage Coaches®, specialized in language learning. Leveraging the Neurolanguage Coaching® method developed by Rachel Paling, we blend our expertise and experiences from the realms of business, tourism, and sports to craft specialized coaching programs.

Our singular objective is your success, whatever that means to you!

And now, with renewed joy, we extend an invitation for you to immerse yourself in an exceptional setting to swiftly realize your linguistic aspirations.

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