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Making the most of your time in “la France”!

Tailor-Made Relocation Coaching Programs

Visiting, Traveling, Living or Working in France …

  • You, and maybe your family, are about to relocate to France for business.
  • You and your family have recently relocated to France for work.
  • You often travel to France for business.
  • You want to experience “the real France” for your vacation.
  • Worried about the culture shock that may be experienced as you face the French customs and ways of doing things that are unfamiliar and foreign?

We offer 2 coaching programs

Culture & Language and culture.
They can both be either pre-departure programs or on-arrival touch base programs.

Culture : Moving to France Successfully

This Cross-Cultural coaching program allows expatriate individuals and their families to gain a comprehensive understanding of the daily life, culture and business practices in France.

This program will help coachees more readily adjust to the work style and culture of France.

Language & culture

Language and culture Daily Essentials

This coaching program is a survival program that provides the rewarding experience of navigating the culture of France while conquering the basics of the French language with a certified Neurolanguage Coach®.

Each coaching program is unique, as it is tailor-made to your image !

The detailed and personalized program of your coaching module will be sent to you after a diagnosis (one to one conversation) and test are carried out between you and me, your coach. These confirm the operational objectives determined together; specifying the different modalities such as duration, frequency of sessions, and price.

1/ Culture : Making your Move to France a SUCCESS

You’re looking to live and work in France

It is highly beneficial to undertake a cultural training for expatriates to help you become better acquainted with the French culture and lifestyle.

As your personal coach, I will help you to not only understand the French culture but give you precious insights into how to behave and communicate with the locals successfully.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned expatriate, all coaching programs are tailored to your experience, the length of your stay and your own personal objectives.

Taking your family with you?

I have coaching programs that are suitable for the whole family.  I will help you adapt to life in France… from making new French friends to registering in a new school to assisting with administrative red tape.

A program based on an proven Coaching model

The cultural orientation indicator profile is an integral part of every mobility program and I strongly recommend that you generate your profile with me, your coach, prior to undertaking the expatriate coaching program.

This will enable me to assess your cultural preferences and comfort zones in order to build a highly customized program.

This coaching program is based on reducing gaps which may exist between your habitual way of functioning in terms of behavior and communication style and those you may encounter in the French environment.

What’s in this cultural coaching program?

  • Overview of France.
  • Major French values and attitudes.
  • The regional differences within France.
  • Working in France.
  • Business attitudes and procedures.
  • Living in France.
  • Making friends and contacts with French locals.
  • Settling in socially in France.
  • Strategies for adapting to the French environment and coping with difficult situations.
Femme et drapeau français

2 / Language and Culture : French language and France cultural daily essentials

In addition to learning about the French “art de vivre”, this program offers a language component.  Learning any new language can activate the “fight, flight, or freeze” response.

As a neurolanguage coach and coachee, we will have regular brain-friendly coaching conversations that will help you to overcome these natural responses and allow you to progress in your language learning journey.  In addition, as your language coach I recognize the fear and anxiety of speaking foreign languages and can expertly coach you through those landmines.

It is designed as a survival program that provides the rewarding experience of navigating the culture of France while conquering the French language.

Basic language skills are built within the context of the culture, increasing confidence in the handling of everyday life situations.

Some examples of what you may learn

  • Expressions used while grocery shopping.
  • What to expect from markets and stores in your new French town.
  • How to describe simple health concerns to a doctor.
  • Gaining a basic understanding of the healthcare system.

Overview of program content

  • Language essentials for daily living in France.
  • Cultural essentials for daily living in France.

Choose Your Coaching Format

Formules adaptables



As a couple


As a family group




At the coach’s office


On line

On a dedicated video-conference platform (before your arrival).

Your sessions can take place comfortably at your new home, in France (after your arrival)


Intensive workshops of one, two days or more

Navigating with a Coach …

  • You will understand your own way of functioning in the workplace and become more familiar to the French business environment.
  • You will acquire keys for decoding and deciphering unfamiliar behavior and communication patterns.
  • You and your family will successfully integrate into both a new and challenging professional and home environment in France.
  • You will acquire fundamental intercultural skills which when applied will help harness and leverage the inherent power of cultural diversity, improving your capacity to better communicate, negotiate, collaborate and influence when interacting on the international plane.
  • Achieve fast and sustainable results with brain-friendly language learning.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a cross cultural coaching program cost?
How many hours do I need?
What do I need to do to start my personalized coaching program?
I want to visit France and I would like to get the basics to be able to communicate. Is there a French coaching program for travelers?

Are you ready for France ?

The icing on the cake

I offer you a free and non-binding diagnostic and test to best assess your initial level, understand your needs and set the objectives of your program together.

This diagnosis will allow you to lay the foundations for your personalized English coaching program. The process of setting goals is a key factor in successful learning.

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